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DEA API Data Engine

DEA API Data Engine leverages the daily data updates of DEA License Lookup, allowing you to easily integrate DEA data with your internal applications with the most current primary source data. This is useful for batch processing of orders to data entry systems to validation and credentialing automation, and much more.

The API easily integrates with any system or programming language, as it uses a basic http post request. The data return is a pipe delimited text string, also easily imported into any system or database.

API software features include:

  • Flat Rate Pricing - Run as many validation queries as you need.
  • Rapid Response - Returns results generally in 10 milliseconds or less.
  • SSL Option - Can be run with or without SSL encryption.
  • Automated Restart - Can be set to automatically restart the API on server restarts.
  • Quick Test Tool - Includes a basic search field for quick validations and for testing.

Data is stored locally in an encrypted secure data container with audit trail to protect your business from misuse of the data.

  • Compliant under the new DEA data rules
  • Unlimited validations
  • Flexible search by name, address, city, and more
  • Secure encrypted data container and audit trail
  • Includes daily automatic data updates

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DEA API Data Engine interface
Example 1: DEA API Data Engine interface
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